Brands Process in Corona Crisis

  • Supporting the front line -to support the vital key workers who are in the front-line of the crisis
  • Repurposing your production — if your brand doesn’t currently manufacture or sell a relevant product but still want to help. It will impact hugely your short to medium term profitability, but it will create a positive sentiment.
  • Aiding the vulnerable -helping those consumers who are most immediately vulnerable to the effects of the crisis, not always your core consumers
  • Amplifying the specialists’ and WHO advise — With so many sources for (mis)information, the official advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) often goes ignored or misunderstood. They help to stimulate good behavior and drive change amongst local populations
  • Carrying on at home — chosing to help ease the transfer of necessary activities to home environments, a critical component of maintaining a sense of normalcy.
  • Maximizing moments of happiness — Some brands have recognized that supporting people’s mental wellbeing is extremely important…mostly right now.
  • New Channel Entertainment — With live events around the world getting cancelled or postponed, some brands are offering virtual events as a popular alternative for people.
  • The context will be completely different but the objectives will have to be defined clearly
  • Speed will be key in decision-making, things will keep moving very fast
  • A new narrative will have to be crafted and owned by the brand
  • A multiple-horizon view will be necessary to understand all the parameters of the brand development
  • The resilient leaders will have to stay focused, anticipating the new business models that are likely to emerge and sparking the innovations that will define tomorrow.



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Franck Vinchon

Franck Vinchon

Founder Neon42, sports & entertainment-inspired marketing, brands and innovation consulting. Multi-awarded. Show runner, music addict, story maker, hardcore fan